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management at your properties

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A smart upgrade for Building Management Systems

A smart upgrade for Building Management Systems
  • Building Management Software Convenient plug-and-play solutions that can be integrated with current Building Management Software
  • Intuitive data collection Intuitive data collection, storage, and reporting with a fully integrated hardware and software stack.
A smart upgrade for Building Management Systems

Trusted and certified

BIS Certified

BIS Certified

ISO 9001 : 2015

ISO 9001 : 2015

CMMI Level 3

CMMI Level 3

NABL Accredited lab

NABL Accredited lab

Fully Wireless Metering Technology

Fully Wireless Metering Technology

Fully Wireless Metering Technology

Polaris’ smart metering system is based on a fully wireless RF and cellular mesh communication system with a highly scalable and reliable network.

Simplifed Prepaid Billing Management

Accurate bills for multiple power sources are automatically generated and routed to tenants through a seamlessly integrated billing engine.

Accurate billing for multiple power sources with different tariffs

Accurate billing for multiple power

Set fares for multiple power sources on the app including solar power, diesel backup, and electric board. Tenants are charged as per their usage of each power source.

Round-the-clock customer service
for all your needs.

For Landlords

  • Landlord The Polaris team continuously monitors meter
    health remotely to find and solve any issues
    that come up.
  • Landlord Call the Polaris helpline, message us on
    WhatsApp or find assistance on our app 24*7.

For Tenants

  • Landlord For power-related concerns, message the
    customer service directly on the app or
  • Landlord Register service and meter maintenance
    requests on the app.

Data-powered powerx

Programme automated alerts for low energy wallet balance to avoid the hassle of follow-ups and defaulting.
Programmable alerts to avoid delays

Resolve complaints and issues any time of the day. Property managers and tenants can contact our 24/7 helpline by phone, WhatsApp or on the app.
Real-time energy billing

Automatically add building maintenance charges to monthly bills.
Automatic Maintenance Charge Billing

Access and control the power supply even when you’re off-site. Use the app to control usage, run diagnostics or switch off power for convenient energy management.
Manage power supply remotely

Solar net metering ready

Our smart meters are ready to power your switch to solar
energy with net metering ready hardware and software

Our team will set
you up in no time.


Survey & Setup

Survey and Setup

Our team will inspect the area, and
accordingly recommend the right
pmeter, the quantity needed for the
area as well as purchase plans.

Survey and Setup

Going live on the system

Going live on the system

Meters are set up and configured to
connect with the dashboard. Use the
credentials provided to take control
of the system and stay updated.

Going live on the system

Onboard your tenants

Onboard your tenants

Add tenants so they can use the app
to keep track of their usage, billing
and maintain balance in their e-wallet.

Onboard your tenants

Plans crafted for
your needs.

Polaris offers flexible plans that can be customised to suit the needs and scale of your enterprise.

Monthly Subscription Model

SaaS model based on meters and software rented on a monthly basis, managed and maintained by Polaris.

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  • Our experts will survey your site and recommend a tailor-made solution.
  • Polaris will take care of everything, from setup to activation.
  • 24/7 dedicated customer service support for any concerns and issues. 
  • Polaris will manage the connection, provide analytics data and run regular checks for uninterrupted service. 

Direct Purchase

Direct product purchase model to buy meters and get software services that are managed by your team.

Get started view details
  • Our experts will survey your site and recommend a tailor-made solution. 
  • Polaris will setup and activate the connection.
  • We will provide hands-on training to the team before handing the connection over to the management.  

asked questions

We'll assess your property and inform you about the most suitable meter type based on your property wiring and requirements.

Our team will independently manage the installation and commissioning process. Simply grant us access, and we'll take care of everything else.

Upon confirming your order, we commit to installing and activating the smart meter within 5-7 days.

Smart meters empower you to pinpoint power leakages and minimise wastage, offering control over your property and data-driven insights to take actionable measures that can help reduce power bills.

We collect power consumption bills from your tenants and seamlessly transfer the funds to your bank account, allowing you to easily settle the monthly government electricity bills.

Yes, all meters are deactivated by default and electricity is supplied to any room only after assigning the meter to a tenant. This ensures the ability to track and prevent unauthorized occupants and unknown power usage.

Tenants can recharge their energy wallets through mobile apps using online wallets, credit and debit cards, UPI, or net banking.